AESTHETICS – Neurotoxins Injections

About Neurotoxin injections

Neurotoxins injections, also known as Botulinum Toxins injections (Botox/ Dysport®) involve the placement of small amounts of a purified protein into the dermis and facial muscles. The neurotoxins used at Fusion Medical are FDA approved with excellent safety and consistency profiles. They act by blocking the nerve cells that cause muscle contractions. This relaxes the muscles, smoothens and diminishes dynamic wrinkles, thereby softening our expression lines and helps to prevent future lines from forming. Effects from neurotoxin injections can last about 4-6 months.

Dr Wenus Ho specializes in providing very soft and gentle results thus avoiding the “frozen” look, leaving her patients with a very natural appearance. Her gentle approach to her patients provide minimal discomfort and each procedure takes only a few minutes.

Common indications

Frown Lines/ Tension headaches

These are the lines that form between our eyebrows and on the lower forehead due to repetitive frowning as a result of stress, worry or bad facial habits. Neurotoxin injections can relax these muscles giving the face a friendlier and more youthful appearance. Relaxing these set of muscles along with another set of mucles around the temples region can also reduce the tension on our forehead that can lead to headaches.

Crow’s Feet and tired eyes

These are the lines that form at the corner of the eyes when we smile. Gently placing small amounts of neurotoxins can open up the eyes, lift the eyebrow edges and make you look younger and less tired. The results are best when combined with HA dermal fillers placed in the tear trough region which will improve the appearance of tired dark eye circles.

Jaw slimming and V shape 

Excessive chewing or teeth grinding and clenching can result in this jaw muscles. Over time this produces an undesirable square jaw which can look masculine. Neuro toxin injections into these muscles will cause it to reduce in bulk thereby softening the jaw line giving a more feminine and slimmer appearance. The results are best when combined with HA dermal fillers to the chin to create the much coveted V shape face.

Lower face lift ( Nefertiti lift )

As we age the muscles that pull down our lower face dominates over the muscles that elevates the face. This results in blunting or loss of the youthful angles of our jawline. Careful and skillful placement of small amounts of neurotoxins along the muscles of the neck and lower jawline can help give the lower face a more youthful and lifted look. The results are best when combined with HA dermal fillers.

Sweaty underarms (Axillary Hyperhydrosis)

Botox can be injected into the skin of the underarms to dramatically reduce the excessive sweating that can often be very embarrassing. It does this by temporarily blocking the nerves in the underarms that trigger sweating.